Here’s what people are saying about autoQUEST!

“AutoQUEST gave me the easiest auto transactions I have ever encountered! No stress at all.”
E. (Ted) A. MacAdam

“He considers his relationships to be long term and has always treated me fairly. I can honestly say that as far as Sam is concerned, I have never suffered from ‘Buyers Remorse’.”
Paul MacIsaac, CA

“the experience that I had with Mr. Merovitch was light years ahead of any others. At the time of sale, he pledged to provide the same high level of service afterwards. I can say, unequivocally, that he delivered…” 
Vincent Audain, MD, FRCSC

“… (Sam) negotiated the best price, among several new car dealers, including arranging test drives of different models and consistently keeping me informed of my options. … The result, I now have a new car I love to drive and estimate that after the fee to Sam, he still saved me $1200 to $1300. The whole process was not only hassel free but a very pleasant experience.”
Ian D. Rae, P.Eng. (Ret’d)

“My experience of (Sam) is that he is trustworthy, prompt, a critical thinker and deals fairly.”
The Rev. Karen Hunt

“What we were looking for was someone who could give us some straight answers and who we felt we could trust to arrange the best possible deal. We found these qualities in Sam. To avoid the stress and frustration associated with purchasing a vehicle, we highly recommend doing business with Sam.”
Marg and Jamie Horton

” I was immediately comfortable with Sam’s friendly nature and this was important to me since buying a new car is a rather daunting experience at times. From the very beginning of my search, Sam was enthusiastic and very hopeful that there would be an affordable way for me to drive the car I wanted. He took the time to get to know enough about my lifestyle and me to offer suggestions and options.”
Jennifer Jones

“I am confident that your expertise resulted in a significant dollar saving for me and, as an added bonus, the process was without the usual stress.” 
Alan Frost