“My mission is to provide you with the best possible vehicle purchase or lease experience and to be your long term resource for vehicles in the future.
When was the last time you enjoyed buying a car?”

New and Innovative Service: Enjoy Buying a Vehicle While Saving Time, Money and Stress!
Halifax, July 2001: Sam Merovitch, after 25 years in Auto Sales Management, has recently established autoQUEST, an automobile acquisition service. It is the first business of its kind in the greater Halifax area totally committed to saving the consumer time, money and stress while offering quality, impartial advice. It is designed specifically for those who are uncomfortable with, or intimidated by walking into a dealership, and for those with a high time opportunity cost. It is a service whose time has come for seniors, single women, professionals and those seeking an alternative to the normal experience.
Sam assists the client in deciding on the right vehicle, explains the pros and cons of buying vs. leasing, guides them through the sales and financial aspects of their purchase and helps them get their vehicle at a fair price.
By contacting autoQUEST, consumers can know first hand what many others have experienced:

-”I felt one of Sams greatest strengths is his sincerity in listening to our needs and requirements in searching for the right car. I appreciated that he never discredited any other company or vehicle in all of our talks.”
-”I am confident that your expertise resulted in a significant dollar saving for me and, as an added bonus, the process was without the usual stress.”

Revving Up Car Market
by Eva Hoare
Business Reporter

When he was in car sales management, it struck Sam Merovitch that the more assertive customer always got the better deal. Now Mr. Merovitch is getting paid by car buyers to do the pushing for them. The 53-year old, who has been in the car sales management for about 25 years, formed autoQuest this spring to fill what he sees as a void in the market.
“When people used to come in to buy (cars), everybody paid a different price. “And the people who were more able, got the better deals. The people who were afraid to ask for discounts or whatever, paid more. And I thought that was kind of an imbalance.”
“I thought it would be a good idea if I could have a service that would help . . . the nice people and sort of level the playing field. I can help them save money and also make the process comfortable for them at the same time. They’ll learn from what goes on.” But Mr. Merovitch also wants to do the legwork that tires people out in their quest to buy a car, particularly busy career types who have little time. “That’s a market I’d like to target,” he said, referring to executives and other professionals.
Mr. Merovitch’s other key markets are out-of-town arrivals, women and seniors. “A lot of people go out there and are uncomfortable about walking into a dealership. They feel that they’re not able to negotiate a good deal and they’re intimidated by the process. “It should be enjoyable and I’m trying to make it more enjoyable.”
Mr. Merovitch started researching the business this past February and was ready to take on clients in May. So far, the response has been good; he’s helped four clients purchase vehicles in the past month and a half. And he has a binder full of testimonials from a broad range of people who back up his expertise and fairness.
For a flat $350 fee + HST, he’ll help the consumer decide upon criteria, their budget, and their insurance and finance needs. He’ll also help clients decide whether buying or leasing is right for them. “Literally, my fee is nothing compared to the cost-savings to them, and their time, as well as the saving on the vehicle as well. Their time is better spent in the office, making money as opposed to running around doing this.
“I’ll go in on their behalf, go in with them and help them pick out a car, go over all the pros and cons of the car, help them get the financing set up. “If they’re leasing, or purchasing, advise them why they should do one versus the other.” Mr. Merovitch decided the flat fee worked best, no matter the type of car purchased, or the amount of time it takes to find the right vehicle. That keeps the playing field fair, he says. Dave Hunt, of Halifax, is very pleased with the savings he received after hiring Mr. Merovitch. He figures he saved about $3,500 in buying his family’s latest vehicle.
“He did a much better deal for me than I could have done myself,” said Mr. Hunt. “I just let him do the fanagling on it for me.” Mr. Hunt said he ended up selling his car to one dealership and buying a new one from another. That way, he didn’t have to become involved in the trade-in process. “If it hadn’t have been for Sam, that would never have taken place.” Another out-of-town man, Gary Prior, a hockey coach who recently moved to Halifax from Europe, was able to save $1,200 on his purchase using his services, the car broker said. So far, the car broker says he’s had no trouble with car dealerships because informed and happy customers are usually repeat clients.

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