How can autoQUEST help you?

I can save you stress, time and money.

My more than 25 years of sales management experience in the automobile industry can help you with all aspects of your purchase or lease, your new or used car itself, and even car related services, before and after the sale.

AutoQUEST will…

Work only for you, I am independent from any dealership

Take the time to get to know you so I can better understand your car buying needs

Approach the dealerships to arrange for test drives, and advise you on the functional differences between makes and models

Provide straightforward comparisons between purchasing and leasing and how they will affect your budget

Negotiate the very best price possible

Once you have all the information you can then take your time and make the best decision with no pressure to ‘make the sale’.

When you have questions…

When you are in doubt…

Ask Sam